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Probiotic A/C Cleaner (150 ml)

It is designed to clean the air conditioning systems in all vehicles, including new ones. With active probiotics, it cleans the filter and all the supply and exhaust air ducts, reducing the presence of allergens, bad odours and harmful organisms.

Effective and long-lasting effect for 6 months.

It ensures the absence of allergens, bacteria and mould.

Improves well-being while driving and reduces fatigue.

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Highly effective agent for cleaning the entire A/C and ventilation system with a high content of active probiotics in vehicles guarantees clean and fresh air, eliminates odours and reduces risk for allergens.

1. Start the engine. Set the ventilation to recirculation mode. Open all air vents and close all windows.
2. Set the ventilation to maximum and run the air conditioning.
3. Move/push the passenger seat back, as far as possible. Shake the spray well and place it directly on the floor in front of the passenger seat.
4. Activate the spray with one push, leave the vehicle and close the doors. Note! No animals or people should be in the vehicle during the cleaning phase!
5. After the can is empty (3 minutes), leave to effect for another 5 minutes.

Note! The whole spray can drains automatically with one push. The effect of probiotic A/C and/or ventilation system cleaner lasts at least 6 months.

Before cleaning a heavily polluted air conditioning system always disinfect the area first, and then use the Probiotic A/C cleaner.

Composition complies with EC guidelines: aliphatic hydrocarbons > 30%, fragrance, fermented Bacillus bacteria.

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Elviva products contain active probiotics, which are safe and good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human and animal health and the environment.

In-depth action

Probiotics produce enzymes that digest organic debris and microscopically clean the surface. Probiotics remain continuously active for several days in a row.

Laboratory-tested products

The suitability of Elviva products is certified by the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food.

Organic and safe for the whole family and pets

Probiotics are good or symbiotic bacteria found around us (including on the skin) that, when used, reduce the risk of infection and ensure a healthy microbiota.


Elviva products contain at least 50 million healthy probiotics per ml of product.

The shelf life of Elviva products is at least 2 years from the date of manufacture and is marked on each product.

The probiotics in Elviva products are 100% safe for everyone, including pregnant women and children, as they are enriched with 100% natural probiotics and are therefore completely safe.

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George C.

For the second year in a row, I used an air-conditioning cleaner in my car and my wife's car before the summer season. The car smells like new, I recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time in their cars!

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