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Hygiene problems are caused by the presence of the wrong microbiological flora on surfaces, where harmful bacteria, viruses and moulds predominate, causing unpleasant odours. ELVIVA products effectively eliminate all this.


ELVIVA probiotic products contain natural microorganisms that take over the space of harmful bacteria on cleaned surfaces, thus reducing the risk of infection.


After application the probiotics remain active on the surface (hard surface, textiles, skin, etc.) and provide us with two benefits:


  • Deep action: Probiotics produce enzymes that digest organic debris and microscopically clean the surface. Probiotics remain continuously active for several days in a row.
  • Healthy microbiota: Probiotics are good or symbiotic bacteria that can be found around us (including on the skin), reducing the risk of infections, as has been shown in clinical trials (Caselli 2018; PLOS ONE).

Probiotic care products with active probiotics are a combination of environmentally friendly detergents, enzymes and probiotic microorganisms to remove surface dirt and harmful biofilm or plaque embedded deep into the surface. The cleaned surface becomes a hostile environment for harmful or pathogenic bacteria and, as a consequence, the risk of infection is reduced.


Every dirty surface contains a biofilm or coating to protect the bacteria from the outside world. Such a coating is interspersed with a structure of highly persistent organic compounds (proteins and exopolysaccharides), which provides an ideal environment for unwanted pathogenic bacteria to thrive.

Comparison: Presence of harmful (pathogenic) microorganisms on the surface 45 min after application. Disinfectant on the left and probiotic agent on the right.

The use of conventional and disinfectants (such as chlorine) does not destroy the biofilm or most of the pathogenic microorganisms living inside it. Only nature itself can do this, with the help of probiotics, which can finally break down such biofilms. Thus, the biofilm is removed from surfaces that have been cleaned with probiotic cleaning agents, and a healthy natural environment protected against harmful bacteria and viruses is restored.

Benefits of using Elviva products compared to other products

  • After using products with active probiotics, the surfaces around us are colonised with harmless and beneficial probiotic microorganisms.
  • The probiotic microorganisms then create a micro-environment that is favourable to themselves and at the same time unfavourable to harmful bacteria.
  • The newly created conditions prevent the re-colonisation of unwanted microorganisms.


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